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Images on Stickers, how does that work

Your Interest on a stickers. Write your name, and place the Stickers on your chest. Then your ready to party..

In this pictures, i´m within from the start, Images on Stickers, that woud say it´s been printed, and ready to use. The pencil´s is ready in 3 diferent colours, ready to write name on, and place on its chects.

And the table beneeath, you can see it´s all ready.


chris sætter plakat op

Thats me, -allmost ready to set the wallpaper up...

klar paa bordet til det store rykind

 Here they is ready to be watched at, and used...Here about 340 invited.,


 As said, its about 1500 stamps...

venter på gæster

Just before the guests came...

folk venter paa deres tur til at finde deres interesse

Here is the forst arrived, and some have found there interests. with there name, and set it on there chests.