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Why is not my sports / Interest not listed?

I regend that there is a category/Image/Pins that missing ?

Maybe it shoud be there, maybe not...



About the category..


Dancing - Football - reading - an motch other stuf..

But - i see it like a category, so dancing is a category to talk about, even if its ballroom dancing, Jitterbug, Hiphop, square dance - tou name it.. And it schoud be a conversation starter.

 And thats what Pins is about.

Thats like a lot of them, BUT!!!!

Do you think, that I miss a great/big Category, please feel free to contact me, right now..

En håndfuld Pins 



Do you mean missing some pins?

Otherwise, I've made sure that all interests or leisure activities are on here, but if you think I'm missing one, please write to me and I'll look at it immediately.

Otherwise, we have done our best to cover well ..

But .. If there are Pins that don't quite say exactly define what your in to, I might put it on the list shortly.

Or do you think there should be more than one pin, from same category, so please advise.

Although, for example, Football, Hunting, Table Tennis, Cricket, Boxing have only one Pin, there are several forms of this kategory, and that is also promoting the talk, which is why Pins has come into the world.

Those who do not come in, are politics and brands.