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  • What does it take for what are the Pins for?
  • Why are the pictures selected?
  • What are they made of?
  • How are they delivered?
  • Anything we share without knowing it?
A handfull of Pins



First, the Things You Share are just one or two Pins, with just your communities ...

 - To create conversations when in town, one way or another.

There is no doubt what the others are interested in, and then you can catch up. As simple as Pins - Pins are so fashionable again, just wait and see.

In everyday speech, they are called Pins, all the Styled Pins are made so that they represent your hobby or leisure activity.

They are, in a way, a little jewelery-like, but judge yourself :-)

They help pepper a jacket, or blow up, and then create automated talk.

They are exclusive.

People say they have the suitsupply category.

Things to share: The joy of being with others there - sharing Golf, Dogs, Table Tennis, Camping, Dancing, Kayaking and many other categories.


All the pictures are carefully selected, based on groups of categories, eg Hunter, Dance, Golf and many others ...

Most pictures or drawings are selected by their own interest groups, physically in groups, and eg on Facebook, in MC groups, car groups, Hunter / Hunting, Food, Cake / Cookies are among other things chosen by their own groups.

Then most of the images / drawings are styled after 'Unisex' in places where it was possible, without compromising on the design, which is still essential.


After all, everyone knows the unisex icons, or pictures that are everywhere, in traffic.

That is why I have used them a few times.
sign 1 sign 2

Some of the images / designs are specially selected after research, some as stated by interest groups, and then some are edited and selected by graphic design from Malm Consult.

Malm Consult
Then the cartoons / pictures have been colored, assuming that they must not take too much attention from your nice clothes - when Pins are sitting on the jacket, shirt, shirt, blouse but still have some 'curiosity' from curious eyes .. It is that's what Pins / TingDuDeler is all about.

Pins are all about 15mm in diameter, just not too big or too small. The size is so that you can see them, not to take your eyes off your great jacket / habit / shirt / dress / blouse etc.

And then just look for others who have an interest you are also interested in, and then start a conversation.

They are all made of nickel and there is a nice layer of rexin on it to make them shine :-)


They are delivered in a small thick letter where the Pins you have chosen are in a small cute almost transparent bag that is closed with a small loop ...

 - Cute gift idea

Nice picture here. As soon as I have them :-)


More on what Pins can do for you.

Once you've got a Pin in your Sweater ... Here's a link to get ideas to start a conversation about just your common interest.

A Pins or 2, can create curiosity, and can get others talking to you about your Pins. They can see directly what you are interested in and want to talk about.

Here are a few links that can help start a small talk, with the same communities, and no one has died of :-) Snare on the contrary.



It's not quite next to TV2's slogan ..

Everything we share without knowing it

So we can talk together about exactly what is our common interest. / Without knowing it :-)


Directly to the heart of the matter. https://www.facebook.com/tv2nyhederne/videos/624829627958625/?t=263